Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Let's make butter!

Today during Science we undertook an experiment where we observed a liquid turning into a solid. What began as cream, went through the process of becoming butter, through the strength of our arms. We separated the buttermilk and the butter to finish the process. It was a lot of fun, although the smell wasn't nice at all!

Some people even enjoyed drinking the milk at the end!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Dance fever begins

Today we began our Dance Fever program for this Term. Year 5 were very excited and especially enjoyed learning and participating in an African style dance.

Here is a sneak peak of our dancing skills!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter Hat Parade

Imagination runs wild at our Easter Hat Parade. All the cool colourful hats are shown off in style as all grades walk around the school. There is lots of time and effort put in to these hats. It really pays off. All different ideas were put into hats, such as models of big eggs, rabbits and chickens. This all represents new life and the Ressurection of Christ. There was some very interesting hats made out of things at home.

Written by Blake P and Bailey C

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Reading activities Term 1

Please make sure any incomplete activities are done as part of your homework.

Reading and Comprehension Activities

Term 1 2016

These activities need to be done every week

Silent read a book of your choice for ten minutes each day. Record time and book on your reading log.
Complete your response to reading activities.

Complete the comprehension task about main idea

Week – 2
Create a storyboard about the parable of the Good Samaritan. It must have at least 6-8 boxes. Write one or two sentences to match each image.

Using an iPad or laptop, research the Industrial Revolution. Use your note taking skills to record 6-8 pieces of information about this topic.

Week – 3
Using an iPad or laptop, research the Industrial Revolution. Use your note taking skills to record 6-8 pieces of information about this topic.

o    Develop a Y chart about what it looks like, feels like and sounds like to be a good buddy.

Week – 4
Complete Lenten calendar as explained by your teacher

Write a short summary about your silent reading book. It should be 3-4 sentences.

Week – 5
Complete this week’s social skill activity “Be Filled With Gratitude.” There are so many things in life we should be appreciative and thankful for so WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR TODAY? List 5 things you are grateful for and why you are grateful for these things.
Continue publishing your writing on Google Docs.

Week – 6
Go to an online newspaper e.g. Daily Telegraph, The Times and find an article where someone has shown an act of kindness. Summarise this article and explain what the act of kindness was.

Write a modern day version of the prodigal son.

Week – 7
Go to the video and make a connection to a time where you stood up for someone or someone else stood up for you. Write one paragraph summarising this experience.

Week – 8
Scan the QR code and watch the video to confirm your understanding about main idea. Read the text about grilled cheese and write a five-sentence summary.

Participate in this week’s 100-word challenge.

Create an 8-10 question quiz about the significant event in Australian history you researched. Swap with a partner and complete each other’s quiz.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Reader's theatre performance

Today after recess we performed our Reader's theatre based around the picture book "Prudence Wants A Pet."

Here are a few photos of us performing in front of the school, along with a video of our performance :)

Monday, 22 February 2016

Gold and fold mufti day

Dear parents,

As you may be aware, three of our staff members will be attending World Youth Day this year. Both Mr Mackey and Mr Lendvai will be stopping over in the Diocese of Tagbilaran, Phillipines to help rebuild their community.

This Friday we are asking students to make a donation to this missionary project by bringing in a note or coin in support of these pilgrims.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.